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Musician, Information Technology Professional, Web Designer, Entrepreneur

Miles has spent his entire life turning what many folks consider "hobbies" or "odd jobs" into multiple careers.

Miles started playing music when he was about 6 years old. There was a Piano in his home but he was more attracted to stringed instruments starting off on Ukulele. then Acoustic Guitar, then Electric Guitar and Bass. He played in bands and talent shows, but at the same time, there was a passion for Ancient drums and Miles spent eleven years playing snare drum in the world famous Moodus Drum and Fife Corp marching most every weekend each summer all over the Northeast.

In high school, thanks to a mentor that spotted his talents, he started doing electronics repair and modifications of CB Radios and stereo and musical equipment. He made his first professional recording of a Piano and Flute duo and caught the bug for recording and production. To pay for his passions he delivered papers, worked in a Printing Shop, layed and cleaned Carpets, and worked for a Caterer. Once graduating high-school he had the opportunity to become one of the youngest bonded armed security guards working at a local summer resort and gained some noteriety in college as latenight radio DJ on the Univercity of Hartford campus Radio station.

In 1977 Miles joined the Navy. For the next 14 years his passion for electonics expanded to computers and programming. His love of music continued and he played in bands around the world wherever he was stationed and also acted as guest DJ on several ships when deployed. He won an award for his marksmanship and of course, few sailors spend any time in the Navy without working in the Galley at some point.

After leaving the Navy in October of 1991, Miles honed his skills as an IT Professional with focus on Customer Support, Programming and Management. Ten years later he opened a Recording Studio in Maryland, focusing on helping local artists and continuing to enhance his programming skills moving toward web development.

Today Miles can be found in the Pacific Northwest. He and his other half Lisa Case own Avenue Catering, a premier custom catering company in Skagit Valley, WA. Miles is also a partner in Victory Enterprises with long time associate and friend Jeff Martini, focusing on Web Design and Information Technolgy Consulting services. The plans are in the works to open a recording studio in Skagit Valley and Miles is very active as the co-founder of the Ovation FanCLub(™).

  • An Information Systems professional with over 30 years experience including 16 years in supervisory and management positions
  • His extensive background encompasses computer and communications technology including networking, audio engineering, programming, basic electronics, marketing, multimedia, web design, customer service, and training.
  • Over 14 years of military service, has provided him with the skills and experience to properly evaluate technology needs, and without being limited to just one paradigm, methodology or model, provide expert, cost effective, technical advice and services.
  • Miles is a highly motivated and creative problem solver and leader with substantial hands-on experience in a variety of fields and industries including but not limited to international finance, satellite communications, health care, quality assurance, multimedia computer based training, audio recording/production for distribution and broadcast, local government, the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and several branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • During his military career, Miles achieved the rank of Petty Office First Class as a Cryptologist, then cross-trained to Data Processing and became eligible for Chief Petty Officer. He held a Top Secret (SBI) Clearance for his entire time in the military (1977-1991) and later as a civilian was granted Secret clearances by the Department of Energy and Department of Defense.
  • In 2008 he passed the FBI/CJIS screening for Skagit County and in early 2013 was issued a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC™ ) card from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.